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We are the leading manufacturer of electro-optical devices and target acquisition systems for the most elite military units in the world.

MOSKITO TI Multi-Purpose Target Locator


Safran Vectronix

The story of our company began more than 100 years ago in Switzerland as a manufacturer of optical surveying instruments. Since then, we have continuously evolved, providing our customers with the necessary tools for obtaining the highest level of precision in acquiring geolocation data.

Throughout the years, we have focused our expertise on military applications of our technologies and today we are the leading manufacturer of electro-optical devices and target acquisition systems for the most elite military units in the world. Our commitment to excellence have earned us the trust of the United States Armed Forces and numerous other NATO countries. Especially snipers have relied on the superior performance and durability of our products, such as the PLRF and the Vector product lines, for many years.


Our roots

An established force for optical precision elements

The heritage of Safran Vectronix goes back to 1921, when Wild Heerbrugg was established as a manufacturer of angle-measuring and other optical precision instruments in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, where Safran Vectronix is headquartered to this day.


Leica Theodolit

Swiss roots

The theodolite establishes the foundation for the Swiss surveying industry.


VECTOR 21 Laser Rangefinder Binoculars


With the highly succesful VECTOR as our namesake, VECTRONIX is founded in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.


PLRF 25C Military Rangefinder


The Pocket Laser Rangefinder is refined to enhance the capabilities of SOF snipers.


TERRAPIN X Border Patrol


The TERRAPIN X, the civilian adaptation of the PLRF, sets new standards for long-range shooters.


VECTOR X 12x42


VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS, the new commercial business division of Safran Vectronix launches the VECTOR X.

Vectronix Military Mission Overlay


When US soldiers, who had employed our rangefinding devices during their service, transitioned back to civilian life and started to compete in the growing sport of long-range shooting, many of them expressed a strong desire to continue utilizing Vectronix products. This inspired us to begin developing top-tier electro-optical devices tailored specifically for the most discerning long-range shooters and hunters. VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS was born.

The TERRAPIN X and VECTOR X series are only the beginning of this new chapter in our company’s history and we hope that you are just as excited about what lies ahead for VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS as we are.