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Premium Optical System with etched reticle

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RADICAL X Observation

The optical quality of a binocular is essential to its performance. Clear, bright, and color-neutral images with high contrast are necessary for a hunter to spot distant game or a long-range shooter to detect a concealed target in shooting competitions. Hunters, especially, will value the high light transmission of the RADICAL X, enabling them to spot game even in challenging lighting conditions.

Dual Magnification Reticle

With the RADICAL X, you not only get exceptional optical performance, but it also features an MRAD-based reticle (MSR-DMR), which can be used with or without the optionally available Range Enhancers.

The MRAD-based Dual Magnification Reticle (MSR-DMR) is specifically designed for use in the RADICAL X with installed optional Range Enhancers that increase its magnification by 40%. With the MSR-DMR the VECTOR X has a calibrated reticle for both magnification levels. It consists of two reticle segments that are separated from one another. This distinct separation makes it easy and intuitive for users to choose the correct reticle segment when calling hits or making calculations.

The right reticle segment of the MSR-DMR is to be used when the Range Enhancers are installed on the RADICAL X. This segment takes into account the increased magnification provided by the Range Enhancers, allowing for accurate range estimation, holdovers, or any other calculations required. The left reticle segment is designed for use with the base magnification of the RADICAL X when the Range Enhancers are not installed.

Flexible Use

By incorporating the MSR-DMR into the RADICAL X, users can seamlessly switch between the two reticle segments based on whether they have the Range Enhancers installed or not. This ensures optimal performance and accuracy in various shooting scenarios.




Date: Feb 26, 2024