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Applied Ballistics Elite Inside

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In addition to its formidable optics and powerful rangefinder, the VECTOR X is equipped with Applied Ballistics Elite on-board as standard. With over 800 bullets in its library and no limitations regarding target distance, Applied Ballistics Elite has quickly become the ballistics solver of choice for many elite military units worldwide. With a press of the range button, your VECTOR X displays a precise firing solution (either in MRAD or MOA) for your rifle setup that factors in the environmental conditions measured by its sensor suite or transmitted by a compatible weather meter.

Thanks to the revolutionary Active Matrix OLED display of the VECTOR X, the elevation value and two windage values calculated by Applied Ballistics Elite fit on a single screen, significantly reducing the time required to adjust your riflescope and make the shot.

With the target card function of the VECTOR X Applied Ballistics Elite calculates firing solutions for multiple targets. By pushing the right directional button of the D-Pad you enter a shortcut that allows you to populate a target card that is stored within your VECTOR X and that can even be exported as a printable PDF-file from the VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS app.

Quick Wind Adjustments

As wind speeds sometimes change instantly, we have integrated a shortcut that allows you to quickly adjust for increasing or decreasing winds. Simply use the up and down buttons of the D-Pad when in HUD screen 2 to change the speeds of Wind 1 and Wind 2. Applied Ballistics Elite uses the new values to immediately calculate new firing solutions.

You can generate and adjust gun profiles using the VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS app and you can store up to 30 profiles on your VECTOR X itself. Toggle to the third HUD screen to verify swiftly the currently activated gun profile.