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Attention to detail

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RADICAL X Binoculars for Hunting

The two models of the RADICAL X were meticulously designed to cater specifically to the needs of the most discerning long-range shooters and hunters. This also becomes evident in the many intricate details that collectively make the RADICAL X such a compelling product.

Integrated Tripod Interface
The RADICAL X, mounted to a tripod and with the optionally available Range Enhancers installed, transforms into a formidable spotting device. Unlike other binoculars, its tripod interface is integrated into the lower side of the main body and positioned perpendicular to the laser button. As standard, the RADICAL X comes with a mounting plate featuring a universal ¼” thread, allowing for easy attachment to most tripods.

RRS Mount
Additionally, Really Right Stuff (RRS) offers a mounting plate specifically designed for the RADICAL X as an optional accessory. It mounts directly to its tripod interface and features a 1.5” RRS dovetail plate.
Flip-Up Covers
Sometimes, the sum of its innovative small details truly sets a product apart. We believe that the objective flip-up lens covers of the RADICAL X are one of these features. They are designed for quick and easy installation and operation, offer a full 360° rotation and protect the lenses of the RADICAL X effectively against scratches. When open, they are flush with the main body of the RADICAL X, ensuring they won’t get caught on anything.
Mounting Range Enhancers
The RADICAL X features an M46 × 0.75 front objective thread, which serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it enables the installation of optional range enhancers that increase the magnification of the RADICAL X by 40%. Additionally, this thread can be utilized for attaching (honeycomb) anti-reflection devices, which are commonly employed by snipers. High quality anti-reflection devices made by Tenebraex are available as an optional accessory.