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Connectivity Ecosystem

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VECTOR X Connectivity Ecosystem

App COntrol

Your VECTOR X is much more than just a rangefinding binocular and the VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS app is the key to extending its capabilities tremendously. Besides being a convenient tool for adjusting general settings and transferring them to your VECTOR X, the app offers many innovative feature tailored to long-range shooters and hunters. With the app, you generate your gun profiles, which – after having been transferred to your VECTOR X – are used by its onboard Applied Ballistics Ballistic Elite solver to calculate precise firing solutions according to your measured target distances.


The target card feature of the VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS app allows you to populate a target card for multiple targets. By triggering range measurements remotely with the app, target information and firing solutions for each measured target are arranged in a target card. You can then transfer your target card to an E-DOPE card or save it as a PDF-document. When printed out and cut to size, place your range card in the transparent compartment of the lid of the soft case of your VECTOR X.


Kestrel 5700 Ballistic weather meters have become an essential piece of equipment for many long-range shooters and hunters. Not only because they measure important environmental data but also due to their integrated ballistics solvers. The top models of the 5700 are equipped with either Applied Ballistics Elite or Hornady 4 DOF. When you connect your VECTOR X with a Kestrel 5700 Ballistic weather meter, the environmental data measured by it will be used by default by your VECTOR X for calculating firing solutions.

GARMIN Devices

Garmin wrist-mounted computers are robust, high-performance navigational devices engineered to meet U.S. military standards. These rugged devices, equipped with integrated Applied Ballistics Elite software, are widely utilized by military personnel and civilian shooters worldwide. When connected to a compatible Garmin device featuring Applied Ballistics Elite, your VECTOR X transmits precise measurements of distance, azimuth, and inclination to the Garmin device.

Currently the following Garmin wrist-mounted computers are compatible with the VECTOR X:

  • Foretrex® 701/901 Ballistic Edition
  • tactix® Delta-Solar Edition
  • tactix® 7
  • instinct® 2X Solar Tactical Edition

Ballistics APPS

Connect your VECTOR X to the free app version (available for Android and iOS) of the Hornady 4DOF calculator and get highly accurate ballistic solutions even in areas without wireless connection. Since the release of the app in August 2016 its user base has grown to over 300000 active users – a clear testament to the high quality of the Hornady 4DOF ballistic calculator.

The TRASOL iOS app, developed by renowned precision rifle manufacturer Desert Tech, is a great connectivity partner for your VECTOR X. It is a powerful tool for long-range shooters who shoot to 1500 meters and beyond. Besides providing highly accurate ballistic solutions and a very high level of usability, TRASOL also incorporates heads-up display (HUD) technology that uses the built-in camera and onboard sensors of your iPhone and iPad.