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HUD Screens

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With each range measurement, your VECTOR X measures and calculates extensive additional target information. This information includes the target azimuth, inclination or the precise firing solution calculated by the Applied Ballistics Elite solver integrated in your VECTOR X. However, this wealth of information also presents a challenge. Only if it is well-arranged on the display and in a large enough font size, is the user able to locate the needed information effortlessly.

easy to navigate hud screens

Our solution to this challenge are the three separate HUD screens of the VECTOR X that display the target information arranged by order of importance. By pressing the left or right button of the D-Pad of your VECTOR X, you can swiftly toggle between the three HUD screens to access the different types of target information.


Besides the target distance and azimuth, the first HUD screen displays the most important information for shooting related uses cases: elevation and two windage values (depending on wind direction and speed) calculated by Applied Ballistics Elite. Firing solutions are displayed either in MRAD or MOA. Within this HUD screen you can effortlessly adjust the display brightness level using the up and down buttons.

Second HUD SCreen

The second HUD screen shows your wind presets (Wind 1 and Wind 2). You can easily adjust the wind speed within this HUD screen with the up and down buttons of the D-Pad. Also displayed on the second HUD screen are the inclination to your measured target and the time of flight of the bullet according to the activated gun profile.


The third HUD screen displays the activated Gun Profile and the remaining energy and velocity of the bullet at the measured target distance.

No ballistics

If you do not use the Applied Ballistics Elite features of your VECTOR X, all target information generated with a measurement is displayed on a single HUD screen. Besides the measured distance it shows the target azimuth, inclination and the equivalent horizontal range (EHR).