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New app feature: Mapping

Date • 4 May 2020

Length • 2 min read

TERRAPIN X Mobile App Mapping

The free smartphone app (available for iOS and Android) of your TERRAPIN X rangefinder enhances its functionality tremendously. The app enables you for example to measure the distance between two objects, to initiate measurements remotely, or to easily adjust the settings of your TERRAPIN X. With the newly released app version 1.2.6 that can be downloaded now from the Apple App Store and Google Play, another innovative feature was added to the TERRAPIN X app.

With the implementation of Google Maps into the app, the geographic position of measured targets can now be shown on the display of your smartphone. In order to achieve this, the TERRAPIN X app uses the GPS location provided by your smartphone, the azimuth determined by the digital magnetic compass of your TERRAPIN X and the measured distance to the target. You can name the measured targets individually, add target information (e.g. DOPE) and have their GPS data displayed.

Download a short instruction on how to use the mapping feature of the TERRAPIN X app by clicking here or visiting the download section of our website.

No matter if you are a long range shooter or hunter, we are sure that you will love the new Google Maps feature of your TERRAPIN X app.


Name: Manual: Mapping Features (EN)


Date: May 10, 2020