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Power Management

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Power Management

Being in a situation where you cannot range a target because your rangefinder’s battery has drained is a frustrating scenario we wanted to eliminate. That is why we focused on optimizing the battery life of the VECTOR X during its development.

We took several measures to achieve this goal. Firstly, we designed the VECTOR X with inherently low power consumption. Additionally, we deliberately selected CR123 batteries as its main power source for their longer runtime, which is 1.5 to 2 times that of CR2 batteries. Furthermore, CR123 batteries are widely available.

Increased runtime

But that’s not all. The VECTOR X is the first rangefinder on the market that can be powered by 18650 rechargeable batteries. To support this feature, the VECTOR X comes with an optional extended battery cap as part of the standard scope of delivery. With an 18650 battery, which can endure 300-500 charging cycles depending on the model, you can expect approximately 1.5 to 2 times longer runtime compared to a CR123 battery.

Compatible 18650 batteries are Surefire SF18650B, NiteCore Li-Ion-Battery 18650 (3500mAh, 3.7V), Panasonic NCR18650B PCB.