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Premium Optical System

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Premium Optical System

The optical quality of a rangefinding binocular can make or break a hunting experience or the result at a shooting competition at which hidden targets have to be located on the clock. With its bright, color-neutral image, high contrast, and wide field of view, the VECTOR X is your ideal partner in situations where every detail counts. Hunters in particular will value the high light transmission of the VECTOR X, allowing them to spot game even in challenging lighting conditions.

a model for every Use Case

The VECTOR X series offers three models to cater to different preferences:

The 8×42 provides the widest field of view, making it a popular choice among military users. The 10×42 strikes a perfect balance between magnification level and field of view, making it the all-rounder of the series. Meanwhile, the 12×42 caters to users seeking maximum magnification while still maintaining stability when used off-hand. The optionally available Range Enhancers increase the magnification of all three models by 40%, making the VECTOR X the ideal rangefinding binoculars for every use case.

Maximizing Image Quality

One of the main challenges in creating a superior optical system for the VECTOR X was balancing two important but conflicting technical objectives. On the one hand, achieving a color neutral image was of paramount importance – especially for hunting use cases. On the other hand, it was maximizing the brightness of the innovative Active Matrix OLED display that is capable of displaying all crucial range and ballistic information on a single screen. Both of these objectives can be in opposition to each other and needed to be balanced carefully to achieve a superior result.

We achieved this by optimizing the coatings of the VECTOR X and by selecting a display capable of generating very bright images while still featuring low power consumption. As a result, the VECTOR X achieves a color-neutral image without any blueish tint and a display image that maintains optimal brightness even in challenging sunny environments.