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Optionally available Accessories

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RADICAL X Binoculars

We have collaborated with renowned third-party manufacturers to offer specialized optional accessories for your RADICAL X to enhance it capabilities.

Really Right Stuff (RRS) provides a dedicated mounting plate designed exclusively for the RADICAL X (and VECTOR X) as an optional accessory. Equipped with a 1.5” RRS dovetail plate, it securely attaches to the tripod interface of the RADICAL X. The advanced mechanism of the RRS mounting plate enables precise alignment of the RADICAL X, adjusting optimally based on the degree to which the center hinge is folded. It is available at RRS SOAR or through VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS retail partners.
The M46x0.75 front objective threads of the RADICAL X are designed to attach specialized accessories, allowing for the installation of Range Enhancers that increase the magnification of the RADICAL X by 40%. Another screw-on accessory are the optionally available Anti-Reflection Devices (ARDs) made by the Canadian manufacturer Tenebræx that effectively block glint and stop reflections. This high quality accessory is equipped as standard with sturdy flip caps that can be rotated a full 360 degrees. The ARDs for the RADICAL X are available at Tenebræx or through VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS retail partners.