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Range Enhancers

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Range Enhancers 42

Over the years, we have delivered a significant number of military Vector rangefinding binoculars to the different branches of the US Armed Forces. Responding to their request for increased magnification, we developed optional screw-on Range Boosters, which increase the base magnification of the Vector by 40%. They quickly gained popularity and became an immediate success.

As we embarked on the development of the VECTOR X, it became evident that a similar accessory that increases magnification would be an essential element we wanted to incorporate. This accessory for the VECTOR X are the optionally available Range Enhancers. They also offer an increase in base magnification by 40% and are easily installed by screwing them onto the threaded objectives of the VECTOR X.

Increase Magnification by 40%

The optional Range Enhancers increase flexibility and range of use of the VECTOR X tremendously. With the Range Enhancers installed, your VECTOR X becomes a formidable long-range spotting device:

  • 8×42 VECTOR X increases to 11×42
  • 10×42 VECTOR X increases to 14×42
  • 12×42 VECTOR X increases to 17×42

We recommend opting for a VECTOR X with the MSR-DMR reticle if you plan to frequently use it with the optional Range Enhancers as the MSR-DMR is calibrated for both magnification levels.

As rugged as the VECTOR X itself

To ensure durability and protection, the Range Enhancers are equipped with a protective rubber armoring. Additionally, they come with a protective soft case for convenient storage and transportation. It’s worth noting that the flip-up lens covers of your VECTOR X can be used with the Range Enhancers as well. This allows for effective protection of the front lenses, guarding them against scratches and other potential damage.