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Range Performance

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TERRAPIN X on a hunt

The TERRAPIN X has maximum range finding capabilities of 3280 yards (approx. 3000 meters). Even at distances past 2000 meters (2187 yd) the TERRAPIN X remains highly accurate with a deviation of only ±5 meters (5.46 yd). One of the biggest challenges for laser rangefinders is measuring small targets reliably.

Small Beam Divergence

The TERRAPIN X excels at this because of its small beam divergence of only 1.2 x 0.5 mrad. The internal sensors of the TERRAPIN X measure slope and azimuth to calculate the equivalent horizontal range to a target. Even at extreme distances and uneven terrains you can therefore feel secure in taking that perfect shot.

The scan mode of the TERRAPIN X delivers a new measurement result every half second – a perfect feature for measuring multiple targets in quick succession.