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Range Performance

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VECTOR X Long Range Shooting

Any rangefinding binocular is ultimately judged by its ability to reliably provide accurate distance measurements for challenging, far away targets. Therefore, we have placed great emphasis on maximizing range performance of the VECTOR X during its development.

Narrow beam divergence

With its 905 nm, class 1M (class 1 in the EU) laser engine and a narrow beam divergence of only 1.5 x 0.1 MRAD (1.8 x 0.1 MRAD for the 8 x 42 model) it sets new standards in the commercial market segment. If ultimate range performance is what you demand from your rangefinding binoculars, the VECTOR X is the right tool for the job.

two Laser modes

Other factors beside the laser class and the beam divergence influence range performance. The measurement algorithms of a rangefinder play a significant role as well. The VECTOR X is equipped with two range modes: Universal Laser Mode (ULM) and Long Range Mode (LRM), each offering distinct benefits based on the specific situation you find yourself in. ULM is for the majority of usage situations no matter the weather conditions or the size of the target. LRM is intended for tripod-mounted use and increases the probability of getting results on extremely distant targets

As situations often change within seconds, we have integrated a shortcut that brings you directly to the menu where you can select the range mode. To activate the shortcut, simply press the up arrow button of the D-Pad for one second.

Designed to PERFORM

Mounting your VECTOR X on a tripod will increase the range performance compared to off-hand use, especially with activated Long Range mode. By aligning the thread of the integrated tripod mount of the VECTOR X perpendicular to the range button, we have eliminated unwanted movements of the device when the range button is pressed. This significantly increases the probability of obtaining measurement results on extremely distant targets.

For even greater accuracy, you can take it a step further by utilizing the native mobile app of the VECTOR X to trigger measurements remotely. This feature allows you to initiate measurements without physically touching the rangefinder, thereby minimizing the introduction of any potential movement or instability that could affect its range performance.

By continuously pressing the laser button of your VECTOR X, you activate the scan mode. In scan mode, a new measurement is triggered every 0.25 seconds. This mode is very useful when tracking moving objects.

With the VECTOR X, we strive to deliver the utmost accuracy and reliability when measuring challenging targets. This makes it the rangefinder of choice for the most discerning long-range shooters and long-range hunters.