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TERRAPIN X charity raffles 2021

Date • 2 February 2021

Length • 4 min read

TERRAPIN X for Recon Sniper Foundation


The Recon and Sniper Foundation is a U.S. non-profit organization founded by Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Snipers. The foundation supports service members, veterans and their families who are facing challenges in their daily lives.

As a company whose products are widely employed by the U.S. military, we want to support the charitable work of the Recon and Sniper Foundation. In three separate raffles, to take place during 2021, interested individuals have the opportunity to win an exclusive TERRAPIN X laser rangefinder including high quality accessories. All of the proceeds of the three raffles – each set has a retail value of approx. $2,625.00 – will go directly to the Recon and Sniper Foundation to be used for their important work.

The centerpiece of each the sets is a TERRAPIN X laser rangefinder. With its extensive connectivity ecosystem, it is the ultimate ballistic rangefinder for long-range shooters and hunters. Exclusively for these auctions, it comes with a special desert-tan colored rubber armoring, engraved with the logo of the Recon and Sniper Foundation.

In addition to the TERRAPIN X itself, two well-known companies have donated high quality accessories to be included with each TERRAPIN X rangefinders.

Nielsen Kellerman (, the manufacturer of the Kestrel series of weather meters, donated three of their renowned Kestrel 5700 Elite weather meters with Applied Ballistics. The Kestrel 5700 Elite weather meter is the ideal partner for the TERRAPIN X as the two devices connect via Bluetooth to provide precise ballistic corrections in a matter of milliseconds.

High quality equipment needs to be protected and transported safely. Therefore, we partnered up with Lindnerhof Taktik (, a company founded by former Special Forces soldiers of the German KSK whose high quality modular gear for tactical missions is used by elite units of the German military and police. Lindnerhof Taktik donated three desert tan colored pouches for the auctions, made in Germany and designed specifically to accommodate the TERRAPIN X and a Kestrel 5700 weather meter.

By taking part in one of the three raffles, you have the opportunity to support the work of the Recon and Sniper Foundation while at the same time becoming the owner of an exclusive TERRAPIN X rangefinder with high quality accessories.

RAFFLE 1 starts on 1 February 2021 and ends on 17 March 2021. Buy your ticket for a chance to win the exclusive TERRAPIN X (and a top of the line long-range shooting rifle) on the website of the Recon and Sniper Foundation (

Stay tuned for the start dates of RAFFLE 2 and RAFFLE 3!