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TERRAPIN X connects to the GARMIN Tactix® Delta Solar Edition

Date • 27 September 2020

Length • 1 min read

Garmin Tactix Delta Solar

The Garmin tactix® Delta Solar Edition is the most compact device with integrated Applied Ballistics Elite available. Just like the TERRAPIN X it is rugged, reliable and ready for every mission. Featuring a solar charging lens, this GPS smartwatch offers specialized tactical features as well as mapping, music, advanced training features and more.

We are happy to announce that the TERRAPIN X now connects to the Garmin tactix® Delta Solar Edition. This means that the user doesn’t have to enter the target distance manually into the Garmin watch anymore as it is transmitted by the TERRAPIN X via Bluetooth. The Applied Ballistics Elite software integrated in the Garmin tactix® Delta Solar Edition then calculates accurate firing solutions.

Instructions on how to connect your TERRAPIN X to the Garmin tactix® Delta Solar Edition can be downloaded below. There you will also find an instruction guide on how to update the TERRAPIN X to the latest firmware version.

To learn more about the tactix® Delta Solar Edition with Applied Ballistics please visit the Garmin website.


Name: Manual: GARMIN Delta Tactix Solar (EN)


Date: Oct 30, 2020

Name: Manual: Update Firmware (EN)


Date: Jun 24, 2020