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Unrivaled Usability

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VECTOR X Usability

Undoubtedly, a product bearing the Vector name is expected to embody rugged durability, reliable mechanics, superior range performance, and exceptional optical quality. However, what truly distinguishes the VECTOR X from other rangefinding binoculars on the commercial market is its unrivaled level of usability.

Intuitive D-Pad control in combination with the revolutionary Active Matrix OLED display result in a user interface that you can navigate effortlessly. Regardless of your experience level, you will be able to utilize the full functionality of your VECTOR X instantly, without ever having to consult the user manual (which exists anyhow of course).

If you have ever used an electronic device equipped with a D-Pad, you will immediately know how to operate your VECTOR X. Instead of having to learn button combinations as with many other rangefinding binoculars on the market, the five button D-Pad of the VECTOR X lets you navigate its menus intuitively and effortlessly.
The groundbreaking Active Matrix OLED display plays a vital role in giving the VECTOR X an unrivaled level of usability. Not only does it exhibit an impressive visual quality, but it also transforms the user interaction of the VECTOR X. Navigating menus, changing units, or checking your activated gun profile becomes intuitive and effortless. When performing a measurement, all target and ballistic information is presented clearly on the three HUD screens of the VECTOR X. Easily toggle between these screens by pressing the right and left directional buttons on the D-Pad. 

Pre-Programmed SHORTCUTS

Often it is time that makes the difference if you succeed in hitting a challenging target or not. While on a hunt, it might be losing precious seconds due to having to operate two separate devices to get a firing solution. At a shooting competition, not knowing how much time is left to complete a stage might lead to missing the final shot. Therefore, your VECTOR X has four pre-programmed shortcuts.

By a long press of the directional buttons of your VECTOR X you can instantly activate important features that might help you succeed in making your next time critical shot. The pre-programmed shortcuts let you select the laser mode, set a timer or stop watch, activate or de-activate Bluetooth or populate a target card.